Buying Guide

The difference between us and the rest is that if you need help or you have a problem you have us to serve you.  You won't have to worry about someone overseas getting back with you or having communication problems.

What type of E-Bike do you need?

At we want you to buy an electric bike that is right for you and your lifestyle.  It is easy to get confused with all the variety of options you have from each manufacturer in regards to the power of the motor and battery, pedal assist vs. throttle, etc.  Some riders are advanced mountain riders and want power and handling.  Some people are looking for a simple beach cruiser to look good on for the weekends.  Others are looking for reliable transportation to take the place of a car.  We have created a buying guide to help you choose the right Electric Bike for you.  


SPEED GUIDE(certain advertising avenues will not allow us to publish the speed on the product page)

Under 500 watt motor speed max 15-20 mph

500 watt motor max speed 20-23 mph

Over 500 watt motor max speed 23-30 mph



Please find your match on the list below:

Hardcore Mountain Bike Enthusiasts: BEST 648,  Addmotor 5800, Addmotor 560, Addmotor M850 P7, Vtuvia 750

City Dwellers looking for car alternatives: GreenBikeUSA GB5,  BEST 648, Addmotor H1

College Students trying to get across campus without the sweat: GreenBike  GB1,  BEST 548, Emojo Crosstown

Weekend Beachgoers looking for fun: ,  Emojo Panther, Addmotor M60,  BEST Low Step 

Seniors trying to reclaim their youth:  BEST 548GreenBike Fat Tire 500, BEST Low Step

Recovering from illness/injury and need a boost:  BEST 548, BEST Low Step

Need to lose that love handle: GreenBikeUSA GB5, Addmotor H1, Addmotor M80

Best budget beaters:l

Under $1100- Ecotric Folding

Under $1300- BEST Low Step

Under $1500- BEST 548, Greenbike Fat Tire GB1

Under $1700- Addmotor M80

Under $2000-Addmotor M80, BEST 648, Addmotor 560


                                 We want you happy!  Buy with confidence


Electric Bicycle FACTS: